Toby Elwin, speaking, tobyelwin.comToby Elwin has worked for more than two decades in enterprise planning design and strategic goal adoption and post-merger integration.  He is an international speaker and contributor with:

Toby has more than 300 blog posts and is a community contributor across a variety of topics to include:

Whether keynote speaker, as part of a conference, or highlighted as a principle presenter, Toby’s presentations provide a unique way to engage any community across a variety of topics.  You will never get a canned experience as his dedication to audience collaboration lends unique presentation options.

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Speaking Presentation Samples

Below are presentation samples.  Presentations are designed for audience participation, action learning, and take-home tools to support on-going success:

Social Media in an Agile World — Using Agile Principles to Launch, Manage, and Measure Your Social Media Identity for the Project Management Institute

Social Media:  Fight, Flight, or Friend for the Organization Development Network

How social media trumps marketing for the Project Management Institute

Scope or: how to manage projects for organization success for the Project Management Institute

How to launch and manager your social media identity  for the Organization Development Network

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