Glass half empty of an appreciative view

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What we see in life has to do with they way we view life. A view is a shortcut to a perspective and a way we look at our world represents how we relate to our half, full, empty, Appreciative Inquiry

The glass half empty or glass half full analogy is a shortcut perspective of pessimist view or optimist view, respectively:

50% of liquid in a glass. One person says, the glass is half empty, another, the glass is half full.

From each statement we infer outlook. Half empty represents the pessimist view, half full represents the optimist view. From this shortcut 2 paths emerge:

  1. Half full. Halcyon days ahead, things look bright.
  2. Half empty. Storm clouds on horizon, things not quite right.

Appreciative Inquiry takes us beyond the shortcut of these 2 views. With an appreciative mindset the glass is neither half full nor half empty. The glass is full: half full of air and half full of liquid.

Words create worlds.  That saying presents an example of the constructionist principle and highlights the language we choose as a direct lead to forward interpretation. The words chosen present a fateful direction.

Language directly impacts our interpretation of experience.

Next time someone offers the half empty/half full shortcut, offer an alternative view that the glass is full and see where the conversation leads.

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