Portfolio Planning

Resources, time and money, are always finite. Choice on what to spend resources on, using a portfolio planning approach helps identify risk, mitigate risk, and maximize resource return on impact.

How goals help us fail

March 15th I read an article in Boston’s Sunday Globe Ideas section on how goals have a dangerous side. The article called Why Setting Goals Can Backfire jumped-started my thoughts on goals. The past two weeks I have spent time thinking and scribbling notes all over this article. I thought I’d share some. [the .pdf […]

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Statistically, your strategy will fail

I recently ran across a statistics book and began to think about similarities to strategic planning. Statistics:  a mathematical science pertaining to the collection, analysis, interpretation or explanation, and presentation of data.  It also provides tools for prediction and forecasting based on data. Until this week, I had not thought statistics had as much in […]

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The devil in the details — the strategic plan

While with the FBI working in the Director’s Office of Strategic Planning I began to realize there are many approaches to build a strategic plan.  I wanted a plan that could go into operation and provide performance management measures.  I also wanted a repeatable process that was understood, committed to, and creates ownership. Over time, and […]

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The VC’s missing formula: human capital discounted cash flow

HumanCapitalMadScientist tn

What valuation models measure human capital ability to meet financial and strategic business goals? What formulas are used to measure human capital contribution to profits? What are the human capital risk factors you justify when you build your financial statements and projections?  Accounting’s assignment of assets and liabilities and financial management’s current or pro forma […]

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What Businesses Can Learn About Innovation … a comment about the numbers

I read Stephen Shapiro’s excellent blog on innovation and wanted to pull over one of his blogs and my comments with a chance to expand them here. This post brings together 2 topics that are powerful when coupled, but too often stand apart and at odds:  numbers and stories. Innumeracy, numerical illiteracy, stands in the […]

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3 reasons for failure: change, participation, and risk

An organization builds a culture of success when it can take a strategy, identify and prioritize the most important projects within the strategy, and consistently deliver projects on time, on budget, and within identified quality standards. John Kotter, author of iconic Leading Change, believes 70% of all major change efforts in organizations fail. A McKinsey study found that in […]

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All projects are human capital projects

The valuation of a company usually involves 4 areas: physical capital, financial capital, intellectual capital, and human capital Valuation is a combination of science, art, and straight voodoo (Enron anyone???). Voodoo aside, when I recast these valuations from a new angle, I see each relies, in their entirety, on people: physical capital – people are […]

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