Organization Behavior

The organization is a social unit and behaves both rationally and irrationally, but how leaders learn motivation and behavior is not a one-size-fits-all solution the reward is positive inertia for excellence, flexibility, and resilience.

What can a 5 year old teach you about leadership?

Hand in hand

When an organization’s words do not match action, who is to blame? How many companies have you seen or worked with that have literature, speeches, employee handbooks, or marketing that just does not match the actions or culture inside the organization? Ever been around a company with printed materials that talk of putting people first, […]

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Leading and managing

Managers manage. Leaders lead. Are these roles so different? A manager is charged to manage their resources against a budget.  Does this allow a manager to maximizing their talent, to cultivate creativity in their team, or to take risks?  The manager needs to deliver to their budget and align their resources to successfully enable their […]

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Buy-in is broke


In organization change I always avoid any effort that includes the term:  buy-in. You may hear the term in some variation of the following: “now we need to get [insert stakeholder here] to buy-in“. I have never been comfortable asking anyone to buy-in to a strategic plan, a new product launch, or an organization change. […]

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Emotion versus intelligence — the tortoise and the hare

BugsandTortoise tn

In my Culture war post I advocate Emotional Intelligence as a more important quality job interview criteria than a corporate or team culture fit. What Emotional Intelligence means (EI) and does not mean as well as how to discern sides in EI* vs. IQ debate means more than emotion versus intelligence. Where IQ intends to measure […]

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The bottom line: motivation


Your organization is only effective when they feel like it.  Have you coached your management and executive team on how to motivate people around your vision?  The company’s bottom line is motivation, their motivation, not yours. A leader holds managers accountable to understand, commit, and own a manager’s role to translate an enterprise vision to their team.  Your management’s ability to […]

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The most difficult industry to work in

AmesburyCarriage tn

One industry is not more complex than another. It is not the industry that demands an organization norm. Organizations are made and conceived as products of human interaction and social construction rather than an expression of an underlying industry, natural order.

People form the organization, the accumulation of organizations make up an industry segment.

People drive an organization’s effectiveness, mood, and culture. Not process, not technology, but people.

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