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In review: Leaders and fishing

May 2009 in review.  A roundup of blogs from the previous month: Leaders and fishing — Leaders craft the vision and convey how to embark on a course from what is to what could be.  Leaders must rely on their managers to manage, but leaders need to roll their sleeves up and steward the message […]

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Notes from Boston: the state of US venture capital

This was originally posted in the nowEurope, where I was a brief contributor. nowEurope reported on technology innovation in Central Europe Centrope ICT Technology Transfer. CENTROPE is the integration and cooperation of the quadrangle borders between the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria. Here is the article, as originally posted: In Boston, I recently attended the […]

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A View: Tablet PCs Must Get Cheaper, Lighter, More Connected

Skiff's eReader

In the latest issue of Wired magazine Steven Levy’s article Tablet PCs Must Get Cheaper, Lighter, More Connected is a good over view of what it might take to push the tablet into a new category of computing. Some quick hits: Tablets must be cheap enough to lose ~$149 [or cheap enough when you drop it/spill coffee/spill […]

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It’s true, your boss is a psychopath — UNCOMMON KNOWLEDGE?

EndofMenAtlantic tn

From the weekly, always insightful, Boston Globe Ideas Section, I give you this week’s UNCOMMON KNOWLEDGE [their capitalization, not mine].  This section usually provides a hodge-podge of nuggets from the social sciences. This week’s lead might be better more accurately placed under COMMON KNOWLEDGE – It’s true, your boss is a psychopath: Watching the news some days, […]

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How do you measure innovation: tax revenue


When we talk innovation, innovation is usually connected to a firm or a region.  Interest with innovation at the regional level is usually couched in economic development. So, what is economic development other than politicians, ribbon-cutting ceremonies, and glad-handing photo-ops? Why are so many incentive packages being offered?  Tax havens being offered?  Tax holidays? Who […]

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Media’s two tribes — Rupert Murdoch’s Wall

telwin amajorc The Times of London

In a follow up to July 12th’s post Media’s two tribes – charging for content The Atlantic’s James Fallows reports The Times of London has placed their bet you will love their headlines so much you will pay for the opportunity to read the article. Click on any link within The Times and you are […]

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