An affectionately titled catchall topic that covers random technology, current events, and items of interest worth sharing.

An affectionately titled catchall topic that covers random technology, current events, and items of interest worth sharing.

Be Lucky, Who Cares

WhoBeLucky tn

Be lucky or be good.

In business luck is not a wise strategy.

In life, well lucky over good may win.

Here is a new Who song to celebrate 50 years in music and to show Who Cares, all royalties will go to Teen Cancer America, a most unlucky happenstance for all too many.

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Systems as a current challenge

Thinking In Systems by Donella Meadows

Systems theory and systems thinking relies on interface, feedback, organizational goals, input, throughput, output, differentiation, and integration. You can not remove or modify items in a system without effect on other actors in the system.

When thinking through solutions, it seems we forget a team, a department, or a division is a part of a larger system. If you think in problem solving mode, then your diagnostic needs to account for undesirable behavior characteristics are part of the system structures that produce them.

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Lean Sustainable Supply Chain and change management

Early last year Robert Palevich, of Indiana University–Purdue University, contacted me to request my approval to cite my thoughts from the post Organizations don’t change, people change. This year The Lean Sustainable Supply Chain-How to Create a Green Infrastructure with Lean Technologies was released.  Select the above link for an Adobe Acrobat .pdf version or select the picture for a direct […]

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Shifting Role of Organization Development in Business – St. Louis bound

Organization Development, St. Louis Organization Development Network agenda, Toby Elwin, Social Media Fight Flight or Friend

Next week I will speak at the 2012, STL-ODN Conference.  The day’s theme:  The Shifting Role of Organization Development in Business.  The entire day’s agenda for St. Louis Organization Development Network [for those not familiar with the ODN acronym] is a topic near dear to my heart. So, OD [either organization development or organizational development, choose […]

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Recently finished book — A Leap in the Dark


Any talk about change management must start with stakeholder alignment. Quick on any change-rule-heels: risk identification. History provides truly great examples of change challenges and few, in my mind, resonate greater change management challenges than The American Revolution. The players: 13 colonies and their self-interests, as well as the class war within each colony; France, […]

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Fistful of beans 09/21/2011

4 of things I’ve seen, read, or thought might seed results: 1.  Why being wrong is good for you — Most of us go through life assuming we are right, almost all the time, about pretty much everything:  our political, our values, our tastes, our religious beliefs, our view of other people, our memory, our […]

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