Not only consumer- or business-facing communication, marketing is also important to the internal position of organization strategy and needs, because if people don't resonate with the message there is little effort to achieve organization goals.

Communication in the age of saturation, part 2

Is your communication effort designed to interrupt people? Think of the filters you put up around your world to manage the saturation of information and decisions you have to make. What percentage of today’s decisions do you make from a telemarketer, billboard, or yellow pages? Conversely, what decisions do you make from a friend’s recommendation, […]

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Twitter is a waste of time

Twitter has changed the way people communicate. The marketing world, as it was known, has been carpet bombed. The rules have changed. The roles have changed. In a series of earlier blogs I talk about communication in the age of saturation, so I won’t repeat those points. However, I will revisit one reality: people don’t […]

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Marketing 2.0 – You better free your mind instead

2-0 tn

Marketing was a constant assault is ever louder, obnoxious, efforts to overcome TiVo, the VCR and DVR, our iPod, satellite radio, and our Internet to gain our attention.

We are tired.

We cope, with filters.

We cope, by blocking their information.

We stop reading, we are tired of your marketing and public relations hype everywhere we turn throughout our day.

What is Marketing 2.0.

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