Not only consumer- or business-facing communication, marketing is also important to the internal position of organization strategy and needs, because if people don't resonate with the message there is little effort to achieve organization goals.

Get control of your social media self with blogs

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In social media you get back what you give out.

Frozen mental models of marketing 1.0, or outbound marketing, continue to present tough nuts to crack for why people do not let go of hang ups.

The technology to hyperlink and to subscribe to content mirrors social interactions, not a new marketing channel to exploit.

Here are blogs to help you get control of social media self.

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Get control of your social media self with infographics

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How to get control of your social media self is a topic that, for some, seems to mean there is a set of rules, or a prescription to follow, that will make it easy and deliver instant results, fame, and fortune.

Well, like losing weight or learning a skill, there are no social media shortcuts.

Those transparent about their lifelong learning come to manage their social media identity and support others in a virtuous giving, learning, providing, receiving cycle.

Learn to manage your social media identity faster and have more fun with this list of infographics and checklists from other’s shared experiences.

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Company social media strategy reflects organization culture — engagement

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A company that does not engage their market lends little confidence they engage their employees. A persona-driven strategy identifies characteristics through insight, data, and feedback to develop pertinent images of an ideal customer’s goals, needs, and objectives.

Social media reveals organization culture through more transparent ways than any HR engagement program.

What people want, may not be what you want to say. That gap is more realistically a chasm.

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Community persona for project management


A project is an intentional effort to deliver a product or service that creates an opportunity – intended or otherwise. Projects have multiple stakeholders with multiple needs for, or against, project realization.

Typical project steps include initial scope design, organization impact assessment, stakeholder identification, communications planning, risk, and a second iteration of scope, delving into user community goals serves project and stakeholders more accurately.

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Social media strategy review for Project Management Institute — New York

Social Media Strategy presentation

Yesterday worked with Project Management Institute New York City chapter in an all-day retreat with focus on communication and collaboration.

Offsite objectives included how the chapter shares events and activities that improve community persona need.

The presentation is included within and was used for discussion on integrated communication and what social media support might look like.

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Social Media in an Agile World


Very pleased to present at Project Management Institute New York City chapter on Agile project methods to create and manage social media.  Great opportunity to formalize some thoughts and present to a very active and engaged community. After the meeting I will share more resources. You can download Adobe Acrobat or PowerPoint version just below.  To view presentation within this site, scroll […]

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