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Fast Start: How limits boost creativity

Creativity control

Fast Start conversation:  Working under constraints seems to stifle creativity. Design under constraint can boost creativity and in this Wired piece, Design Under Constraint:  How Limits Boost Creativity, Scott Dadich offers:  good designers understand a power within limits. How does constraint offer an opportunity for growth and innovation? The worst a designer can hear is […]

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Fast Start — Untangling the social web

Fast start conversation: Network analysis software to recover $780 billion in fraud; to predict crimes; and to find where the best big parties are? There are a host of companies and clients using network analysis untangling the social web‘s influencers, from societal to societal. What happens when the value of mapping influence between individuals lends […]

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Fast Start — Too Big to Succeed

Fast Start conversation:  Big companies can spread fixed costs across a larger base.  Big company capability to spread costs means better shareholder, financial performance. Large companies benefit from scale.  Or so it is said.’s Too Big to Succeed revealed 748, large companies delivered median annualized total shareholder returns of 2.7%. Size matters, but not compared to small companies who, […]

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Fast Start — Why We Hate HR

Fast Start Conversation:  Human Resources has a bad rap.  Strategic business partners? Seat at the table? HR people, in most instances, are neither strategic nor leaders. Seems a common lament, so highlights the Fast Company article Why We Hate HR. What has changed since this article was written — in 2005? Does HR have a bad rap […]

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Fast Start — Design Teams: Co-location Trumps Remote

Fast start conversation:  When co-creating, teams need every bit of energy they have to work together to produce great designs.  To maintain energy, teams need to talk with each other, teams need to see each other’s work, and for design teams, co-location trumps remote. Why is that? What words, phrases, vocabulary, and communication channels disadvantage remote […]

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